sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014

Does your app use Qt4? You better start porting it to Qt5

As you might know, Qt 4 is now in bug-fixes-only maintenance mode. This means that only bug fixes are allowed to be pushed to Qt 4's repository, but no new features.

On the other hand, Qt 5 is already here. Porting existing apps from Qt 4 to Qt 5 is actually easier than it was to port Qt 3 stuff to Qt 4. Take a look at this Qt project's wiki page for more info. Also pay attention at the links at the bottom of it under "Recommended Reading".

Some time ago I blogged about the 5.2.0 status in Debian experimental. We currently have it in testing with a much better status:

And we also have 5.2.1 in experimental with an even better status:

Note: qttools is FTBFS in armhf just because of some symbols changes, it will be fixed on the next upload.
Don't be afraid of getting it from experimental! Take a look at this blog post to know how to compile with Qt 5 in Debian.


I have also uploaded Qt Creator built against Qt 5 to experimental. I plan to push it to unstable with Qt 5.2.1.

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