jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014

Qt 5.3.2 in Wheezy-backports: just a few hours away

In more or less 24 hs a few days most of Qt 5.3.2 will be available as a Wheezy backport. That means that if you are using Debian stable you don't need to wait for Jessie: just wait a few hours, add wheezy-backports's repo to your sources.list and get it :)

The rest of Qt 5 will arrive soon.

This is the same version that will be shipped in Jessie, so whatever you develop with it will work with the next Debian stable release :)

Don't forget: you better start porting your Qt4 apps to Qt5!

Note 2014-10-10: uups, it will still take a few days, but it will be there soon :)

Note 2014-10-15: currently building!