viernes, 31 de julio de 2015

plasma-desktop should enter testing today once the mirrors have caught up

Exactly what the subject says: plasma-desktop has migrated to testing, it will be there as soon as the mirrors are synced.

It is highly recommended for those in testing to upgrade today, although you might need to wait your mirror.

Also note that the gcc5 transition has started, that means we are not going to upload new stuff in some days (possibly a week, maybe even more) to facilitate this **huge** transition.

We really hope you enjoy the packages. If you filed a bug and after updating you findd that it is not there anymore then please follow-up the bug and state this. This is really **highly** appreciated.

Once again, sorry for the inconveniences!

martes, 28 de julio de 2015

Plasma/KF5 : Testing situation

Dear Debian/KDE users,

We are aware that the current situation in testing is very unfortunate, with two main issues:

  1. systemsettings transitioned to testing before the corresponding KDE Control Modules. The result is that systemsettings displays an empty screen. This is tracked in the following bug
  2. plasmoids such as plasma-nm transitioned to testing before plasma-desktop 5. The result is that the plasmoid are no longer displayed in the system tray.

We are working on getting plasma-desktop to transition to testing as soon as possible (hopefully in 2 days time), which will resolve both those issues. We appreciate that the transition to KF5 is much rougher than we would have liked, and apologize to all those impacted.

On behalf of the Qt/KDE team,