domingo, 5 de enero de 2014

Qt 5.2.0 in Debian experimental, now available for more archs

Qt 5.2.0 is already available in experimental until we get a transition slot, but don't be afraid to test it. With this release we had major improvements. With 5.1.1 currently in sid we have the following buildd chart:

Qt 5.1.1 in Debian Sid
Now with 5.2.0 in Debian experimental we have:

Qt 5.2.0 in Debian experimental

As you can see Qt has compiled in more archs, thanks to the effort of the Debian's porters and from the Qt/KDE team.

Note that Qt JS Backend has dissapeared: it's functionality (the javascript engine) is now in Qt Declarative itself. It has been ported away from Google's v8 to a Qt-based engine, allowing it to build in more archs among other features.

You can also note that we still have quite some FTBFS, mostly coming from Qt Webkit. Feel free to send patches ;-)