viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2008

Looking for books - resources for learning how to write Linux drivers

Dear lazy web [0] :

Well, I am really in need of learning how to hack embedded systems. But the task with more priority is to learn how to write drivers (modules) for Linux.

So, my dear lazy web, could you please tell me which books/resources did you find useful to achieve this task?

I have found Bill Gatliff's training courses, but living in Argentina makes things a little too difficult to afford :-(

Comments appreciated :-D

[0] I always wanted to write this :-)

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  1. Alberto Bertogli gave me some hints about this by IRC. He first recommends me "Understanding the Linux Kernel" by Robert Love, and then reading "Linux device drivers" by Corbet and others, available at

    He also said that it is not necessary to have read the first one in order to understand the second one, but doing it in that order will give me a useful general understanding.

    Also, as other resources, he recommends me to look in and

    ¡Thanks albertito!